Crystal Fuze colgante fabricado de cristal de Swarovski y led

Crystal Fuze Necklace

El Crystal Fuze Necklace es un collar con un colgante fabricado de cristal de Swarovski, en cuyo interior brilla un LED de diferente color según los gustos no deja de ser joyeria tecnológica, aunque solo sea por el uso original de la luz.

Crystal Fuze Necklace

La batería que lo alimenta se encuentra camuflada en el cierre magnético, y puedes apagar el LED cuando te hayas cansado de que te miren en el trabajo.

Viene en cuatro colores: verde, azul, blanco y violeta y está disponible en la tienda online de ThinkGeek por 25 dólares.

he Crystal Fuze necklace is as close as you can get to a personal mini planet you wear around your neck. It sparkles in the day or night, and we think if you look close enough, you might see some tiny continents and maybe a few billion microscopic life forms. Or maybe not.

Each necklace is made from a vintage cut Swarovski crystal with a glowing LED in one of four celestial colors. We all were wowed when we played with them here at the office so we know you are going to love it as well. And don’t forget, you are the uberbeing of your tiny little planet, so treat your new crystal nicely!

The glowing Swarovski crystal is powered by small batteries in the ingenious magnetic clasp, and if you choose, you can wear it turned off for a simpler statement. Available in four colors: Blue, Jade Green, Violet and White.


  • Use vintage genuine Swarovski
  • Packaged in a stylish gift box
  • Comes complete with 2 CR927 batteries installed and a set of replacement batteries
  • Length of necklace 17″

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