The Wolrd of Watch ⏰

The Wolrd of Watch

Ya sabéis que me encantan los relojes, si tienen un diseño original mejor que mejor, por eso hoy escribo este post titulado The Wolrd of Watch, en el que encontrareis una buena cantidad de diseños muy bonitos.

Este  de inicio sin duda es el reloj que quiero…  Me enamore de él cuando lo vi en la muñeca de Christian Bale en la pelicula equilibrium (que recomiendo y que me encanta) si alguien se anima a regalármelo para mi cumpleaños aún está a tiempo es el 24 de febrero.

Por pedir que no falte…

RE-EDIT Al final me lo regalaron con una de la sopresas mas grandes que me han dado en mi vida, muchisimas gracias Deborah M.Nicolas

Android AD52K Alien Black Dial Watch

The Wolrd of Watch

The Wolrd of Watch

“If you’ve seen the movie Equilibrium, you might like to know that you can actually buy the watch the main character wears in the movie. It is part of the Alien Collection made by a company called Android.”

Y ahora unos cuantos relojes mas la mar de chulos…

Originally designed for Italian U-Boat officers in 1942, although never produced, this U-Boat Left Hook watch mixes timeless design and influential appeal (like we discovered a while back with the Modern Amusement Uboat Diver’s Watch).

In 2000, production of the collection picked up where the designs left off over half a century ago, and now it’s available to you.

Get your retro geek on with this Android Radar Watch, which comes equipped with two dials, one that tells regular time and one that completely opens once every 60 seconds to reveal an airplane. The aviation-inspired watch is stainless steel and comes with a leather band.

Tastefully and self-referentially designed by Frank Gehry, this Negative/Positive Display watch unconventionally displays the time in the architect’s own writing. Rather than featuring a traditional digital display, the watch exhibits time as “8 til 10” and “15 past noon,” etc.

Another neat design quirk involves a black writing-on-grey (positive) display during the day and the opposite (negative) during the night. An understated brushed titanium case with basic leather band support the display feature nicely.

This Alessi Buckle Watch, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is, like the name suggests, reminiscent of a belt buckle. The clock’s oversized features create a motif, from the watch face numbers to the hour hand to the stainless steel case itself, and the simple, overstated piece smoothly blends elegance and playful design.