Christopher Conte


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Christopher Conte

Christopher Conte


Christopher Conte Las geniales esculturas de Christopher Conte, hechas con piezas mecánicas y metálicas sacadas de máquinas de escribir, de coser, algún que otro compás, etc… Es realmente genial. Aqui os dejo su Bio en Ingles en palo de traduzirla es monumental…

Christopher Conte was born in Bergen, Norway where he began drawing at age 3. At age 6, shortly after moving to New York, he started taking college art classes at Hofstra University following a recommendation from his first grade teacher.

While still in high school he attended St. John’s University and in the eleventh grade received a scholarship to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Once at Pratt, he also studied human anatomy at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital through a program sponsored by Columbia University.

After earning a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art (BFA) from Pratt Institute, he entered the prosthetics field and began making artificial limbs for amputees in New York. Along with a combined love for sculpture, medical-science, and biomechanics, the field enabled Chris to apply his natural talents to help others in less fortunate situations, which he still does to this day

Creating sculpture, purely for the sake of being sculpture, however, never escaped as his deepest passion. In 2006, Chris was fortunate enough to be able to show his work to H.R. Giger’s Agent, Leslie Barany. Aside from being the agent of one of Chris’ strongest early influences, Les Barany also represents and works with a very unique and eclectic group of carefully chosen artists. Les quickly recognized those unique traits in Chris and began working closely with him. Since that time, Les has become a trusted friend, agent, and source of guidance for Chris.

In 2007, together with Les Barany, several small editions of Chris’ sculpture will be offered to the public for the first time on a very limited scale.

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