Resolume Avenue 3.2.0

Resolume Avenue 3.2.0

 Nueva  actualización de Resolume Avenue 3, ahora en la versión 3.2.0, trae muchas mejoras, como el apoyo de Quartz Composer y una nueva versión del codec DXV que ahora gestiona el canal alfa, yo aun trabajo con la 2.4.1 por  varios motivos entre ellos los plugins freeframe 1.0 de pago que tengo, pero creo que ya toca cambiar definitivamente a la 3,  tiene muchos complementos como el osc,  mejoras de cara a la puesta en escena y más si estás trabajando también con audio como es mi caso con el proyecto Cronomode.

Resolume Avenue 3

Soporte para  Quartz Composer para MAC.

Mejorar la calidad de la imagen motor de renderizado y apoyar la alfa pre multiplicados.

DXV Códec 2,0 por Alfa.

  • Mejora del  mapeo MIDI. Permite trabajar a escala. A modo de comentario, y archivos de registro.
    El anular el registro de una máquina de cambio.

    Nuevo método abreviado de teclado para salida de vídeo (por fin)
    Un mezclador de cubo, un ojo de pez, una deformación del oleaje y de detección de bordes.

What’s New in Resolume 3.2 from Resolume on Vimeo.

Resolume Avenue 3.2 Released!

We’re thrilled to release another Resolume Avenue 3 update! Version 3.2 has many improvements, most noticeably Quartz Composer playback and a new version of the DXV Codec which now supports alpha channels.

Checkout the video below for a quick overview of what’s new and hit the download.

Quartz Composer Playback

We want the PC and Mac version of Resolume to have the same features. But for Quartz Composer we made an exception. The possibilities of this (Mac only) technology are just too sexy to ignore. With Resolume Avenue 3 .2 you can play and mix Quartz Compositions just like any other media. You can expose parameters in QC patches just like Flash parameters so you can tweak your composition while VJ-ing. This kind of control is so exciting for live visuals. Generative content is the future! Resolume installer includes demo patches made by Joris.

Improved Image Quality & Premultiplied Alpha

The image quality of the render engine has improved quite a bit. Most people will not really notice this, especially not when you output through TV-out to a mixer and then t the projector, but if you are working with pixel precise video or images you’ll notice it. The engine also supports proper pre-multiplied alpha channel now so videos or PNG images with an alpha channel now render pixel perfect.

DXV Codec 2.0 with Alpha

Because the video engine can now render proper premultiplied alpha we have also added alpha channel support in the DXV Codec. Go punch a hole in your videos and give it a go. The codec is installed automatically when you install Resolume Avenue 3 .2.

Feedback Fixed

Finally! Feedback is fixed for the PC. It was always working fine on Mac but on the PC it didn’t even though the code was exactly the same. We have been pulling our hair out over this bug for so long, but it’s all good now. Playing with feedback is extremely mesmerizing. Try it if you have never done it before, it could open a whole new world of possibilities.

Improved MIDI & Keyboard mapping on the layer transport controls
Many Resolume 2 users will enjoy this. You can now assign MIDI controllers to the speed of each layer. No matter what clip is playing in the layers, you can always adjst the speed. And direction and scratching if you like. To configure this enter the Application mapping, select Deck focus on the mapping panel and start mapping the layers.

Scaling Options

For all you 8bit style VJ’s, you can now set the video engine to use «Nearest Neighbor» scaling instead of the default Trilinear. This will show the full pixel glory of your videos when you zoom in.

Send feedback & log file

On the Feedback tab in the Preferences you can now easily send us a message and include the Resolume log file. With this log file and your feedback we hope provide you with even better support and to fix bugs faster.


On the Register tab you can now remove your serial from the computer with «Unregister». Do this before you reinstall the operating system or when you get a new computer.

Video Output Shortcuts

Press CTRL + SHIFT + 2 (CMD +SHIFT + 2 on the Mac) to instantly set the output fullscreen to the second display. Press CTRL + SHIFT + D (CMD +SHIFT + D on the Mac) to DDDDisable the output. Get it? D for Disable?

Cube Mixer

Cube mixer puts your videos on the sides of a cube and then turns the cube in a different direction every time you slide it up or down. It’s a tad corny we had fun making it.


Bends the video like it’s shot with a fisheye lens. Very popular in skate videos from the 90’s. Don’t know why it’s called fisheye though, has anyone ever looked though the eyes of a fish to see what it looks like?

Wave Warp

This bespoke effect one is extremely versatile, totally unique, one of a kind, awesome, spectacular, fantastic … and … very hard to describe. It distorts the video with various oscillators. Just try it. It f*cks up your video in many beautiful ways. Excellent job Matias!

Edge Detection

Does even more than it advertises, it not only detects edges but also highlights them. Made by Matias.

Other Fixes

– [done] Load complete directory from filebrowser
– [done] Start interface maximized
– [fixed] Don’t clear clip when camera is not connected (show a dummy)
– [fixed] Column trigger buttons disappear with many layers
– [fixed] Drag and Drop fails sometimes on clips or mask component
– [fixed] Masks can’t be drag and dropped from the Finder or Explorer
– [fixed] Effect blending with Source plugins doesn’t work properly
– [fixed] Blur effect glitches with some parameter values
– [fixed] 50 Add Blendmode too bright
– [fixed] Trails effect bugs because two parameters have the same name
– [fixed] Dodge mixer gives blue artifacts
– [fixed] Bendoscope effect renders black on older videocards
– [fixed] Beatsynced parameters can get non integral beats (ie: 2.5)
– [fixed] Layer transport controls do not work on an audio clip in a different deck
– [fixed] MIDI mapping component not always updated with midi learn
– [fixed] Endless dial on ReACT controller can only push parameter down
– [fixed] Random is much faster than forward and backwards on Flash text input field
– [fixed] Layer Preview stops when switching decks
– [fixed] Enable the menu also when the output window is active
– [fixed] Bpm synced parameters don’t always see bounce
– [fixed] FFGL plugins return 1.0 as API version instead of 1.5
– [fixed] Dry wet pops on audio effects
– [fixed] Paused clip doesn’t show in and outpoints correctly
– [fixed] Can’t reset end looppoint back to the real end
– [fixed] Crossfader shortcuts are not saved in composition
– [fixed] Restore fullscreen when changing composition size
– [fixed] Mac Avenue menu the same as on Windows
– [fixed] Disable clip menu when empty clip selected
– [fixed] BPM drifts out of sync
– [fixed] Audio effects use less CPU
– [fixed] Can’t resize interface bigger sometimes
– [fixed] When a mask is added to a clip with a different size it’s distorted
– [fixed] Spontaneous audio delay in some rare cases
– [fixed] Crossfader – auto fade retriggers when presses again when finished
– [fixed] Incorrect length of some audio files
– [fixed] Avenue freezes on exit sometimes when disconnecting preview

And many more small fixes and improvements.