Audiovisual City – to BIT or not to BEAT 2nd Edition

Audiovisual City, Network of Audiovisual Culture.  presenta el nuevo vídeo del to BIT or not to BEAT!!! filmado durante la Segunda edición del 13 de Junio 2012 en el Mutuo Centro!!!! donde participe como Vj.

Audiovisual City – to BIT or not to BEAT 2nd Edition

Fue un verdadero placer colaborar junto a otros artistas audiovisuales.


Lady Pj ,Darth Mike, Groovycosta, Moosa


Loopneo, Spunk Grafix, Optika Vj. Pixelmaniatik

Audiovisual City - to BIT or not to BEAT 2nd Edition

to BIT or not to BEAT, is a collective event of electronic music and VJing aimed at promoting and displaying Barcelona audiovisual culture through a format based on the improvised live act and the synergies between DJs and VJs that carry out real time performance

to BIT or not to BEAT is an audiovisual jam session, where djs and vjs «face» rhythmically and visually improvising during the night. An AV performance will open the event, organized by AudioVisual City, art agency and web magazine active in the audiovisual field. Main goal of to BIT or not to BEAT is to create a circuit of AV events that will take place at audiovisual arts centers, clubs and cultural spaces in Barcelona.

AudioVisual City invites all DJs and VJs living in Barcelona to join the network of to BIT or not to BEAT. Instead of publishing new calls each time all interested performers can sign in and when come up a new date for the event, A / V City may contact you to participate in the Jam. Each participating artist will have his/her own profile on the website of AudioVisual City, so he/she will be present in the two networks, one international and one specific for the city of Barcelona.

To BIT or not to BEAT
To BIT or not to BEAT

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